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Good luck Woman #7; I need someone who can love me openly and you’re not her. Continuing to try with you is like cheating on Woman #8 and (whoever she is) she would never want me to humiliate myself kissing anyone’s arse – least of all for love.

I genuinely hope you find someone just like you.

345 posts on the nose I’ve written.. wonder what the total word-count is for all of em.

Outing #44: I’ve got to leave town now.

It’s 6:30am and I’m sick of every cunt staring at me. Everyone KNOWS I’m miserable when they look at me because I’m just not that good an pretending. I’ve gotta go before they all get up so don’t have to deal with another day of saying “hi” and faking it around strangers.


Freshest Posts
List of the last post edited in all major categories. I haven’t finished the page yet, though again.. I’m days behind on current events and electricity within an air-conditioned public library is limited. For every post in reverse order click the Freshest Posts menu link at the top of the screen..

Floating thoughts? Thought-bubbles?
Small snippets of random thoughts and ideas that could be used to make a point, or something, someday maybe. ..

Heart-shaped Box (Private access)
For my woman when I find her: I’ll remove this link soon; the first question any future woman will ask herself is “who else has he written in there for?” and I lack the talent at lying. 

The deep stuff… (Private access)
A place for deeper introspection and personal reflection. This section will be only for myself and people close to me to read, for now, once I’ve finished a post, hell Ihaven’t even created the category tree yet.



16 months alone in the Blue Mountains National Park and the animals that shared the time with me. It actually started as a threat to the woman I was with – we’ll call her Woman #6 – she didn’t crack and beg me to stay so here we are.


Posts about anything that comes to mind, assuming something ever does come to mind. I think I’ve got most major subjects covered with the six tags above, but will add as I need to – like I’m about to add the /music/ category.. because I haven’t yet.. because I’m a lazy arsehole.


Any artwork I’ve done and managed to get a photo of including drawings, paintings, and carvings in both wood and stone. Most of these lovable objects I made to get laid, and most served the purpose though – really – I have no idea why anything anyone does would be sufficient reason to let a man you’ve just met penetrate you.

Moose is gone. Long gone actually.  He flew away about 6 months ago, that little bastard. Come to think of it, he wasn’t a bastard – he knew his dad and his dad was a registered bird too, the smartarse little cocksuck. Fuck you Moose.

Just to be clear now, I didn’t write any of these, just found them on places like reddit while laying in my tent each night looking for something different to read. All of them are excellent quick reads and not all of them are scary either.

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