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Live photo posts sent directly from the security camera above Moose’s cage. Almost works too well now.


16 months alone in the Blue Mountains National Park and the animals that shared the time with me. It actually started as a threat to the woman I was with – she didn’t crack and beg me to stay so here we are 🙂


Posts about anything that comes to mind, assuming something ever does come to mind. I think I’ve got most major subjects covered with the six tags above, but will add as I need to – like I’m about to add the /play/ category.. because I haven’t yet.. because I’m lazy arsehole


Any artwork I’ve done and managed to get a photo of including drawings, paintings, and carvings in both wood and stone. Most of these lovable objects I made to get laid, and most served the purpose though – really – I have no idea why anything anyone does would be sufficient reason to let a man you’ve just met penetrate you, but who am I to judge 🙂

Moose is my exceptionally moody, bitey, almost-ten-month-old Green-cheeked Conure native to the Amazon. He’s been sat on fully, kicked around, dropped, and I couldn’t even hazard a guess at how many times I’ve very nearly stepped right on him with the heel of my foot because I didn’t know he was there. Miracle he’s still alive, really.

Just to be clear now, I didn’t write any of these, just found them on places like reddit while laying in my tent each night looking for something different to read. All of them are excellent quick reads and not all of them are scary either.