The Rainforest Journal: Outing #13 – Day 2

(Saturday 1-November-2014)

60km/hour winds, thunderstorm warnings *and* a bushfire.

60km/hour winds, thunderstorm warnings *and* a bushfire.


Last night I complain about the lack of wind, today I get wind in spades. I’m not sure what’s with all the thunderstorms but they have been a daily occurrence for the past two weeks or so now. The Bureau of Meteorology website says there’ll be a “chance of a thunderstorm” for the next few days, and winds will hit 60km/hour today as well so yeah; I got that wind I was bitching for.



There’s a bushfire marked by the RFS as “out of control” just a few kilometers west of me, along the cliff-line in town. Although it’s just started raining – check that; it’s stopped already – the wind is a 60km/hour westerly freight-train.

I can see smoke down here in the valley, I can certainly smell it and hear sirens up north which I’ll assume are fire-trucks.

One of those so-called "Air Ferns" that were oh-so-popular back in the 90s. Who'd've thought they grow like weeds out here.

One of those so-called “Air Ferns” that were oh-so-popular back in the 90s. Who’d’ve thought they grow like weeds out here.


Well the rain appears to have done some good: it came down in buckets about half an hour ago now, briefly. Once the rain had stopped however the smell of smoke had been replaced by wet leaves. I thought the fires had stopped, but the rain had washed-out the smell and it returned not long after.

One of the two fires – the one closest to me – seems to have been extinguished by either the rain or the RFS or a combination of the two dince it’s no longer on the NSW Fire Service map as a little flame icon.

Two honking-big RFS chopper’s just flew overhead on their way to the second fire at Cahills Lookout, and I can still hear them now. This second fire is further away (about 4-5kms), and the wind has changed to a South-Westerly so it shouldn’t be of much concern to me from here on out.


The wind appears to have switched back to s Westerly direction again and the local paper – The Blue Mountaibs Gazette – reports winds have reached 100km/hour today, spawning a wave of townsfolk to ring to report fallen trees all over the place from the western suburbs all the way out here to the mountains.

I’ve certainly had more than the usual number of small bits of wood and branches bouncing of the roof of the tent most of the day, though fortunately, nothing big enough to damage the tent-poles and nothing big enough to squash me – knock on wood. The night is young though, ; and I don’t want to jinx myself or put it ‘out there’ so I’ll just shut-up about it.

Edit: I fell asleep last night before uploading this. *shrug*. No sighting of the Broeski since I’ve been here, and today was no different. Might be the bushfire around the corner too, but even the birds have been conspicuous by their absence today.

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #13 – Day 2
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