Dear Universe,

I am ready for the warm, intelligent, dark-haired, beauty who not only wants a forever-man, but wants to make the effort it takes to keep him.

She and i both know we live on a planet in which everything deteriorates without maintenance, and will apply that to our relationship; to keep it intact, productive and healthy.

She will want to smooth-out some of my rough edges, but will demonstrate love while she’s coercing those changes, and BE perfectly aware that she is far from perfect herself; that I will see sharp, pointy bits in her that need to be trimmed too; she’ll be open to our mutually altering one another. 

She will understand with perfect clarity that if not for sex, no man would ever fix his attention on a woman to begin with – let alone pursue her; that sex is NECESSARY for any man because it’s the only expression of love he absolutely needs from a woman.

She will also never withhold sex from me simply to manipulate or control; because she knows that I will hate her for it.

She wants me to feel as loved as she does, because she isn’t selfish.

She will know that physical bonding is needed for any couple who have any intention of staying together and will openly give affection; not only when we’re getting along great, but when we aren’t because physical intimacy goes a long way in calming us both down and dissipating anger.

She won’t waste our lives with dumb teenage games or expect me to earn the right to be by her side, because she would rather strengthen the bond and keep us together than weaken it by continually cold-shouldering me.

She of course, wouldn’t hang-on to every little mistake I might have made just to give herself an excuse to push me away, because that’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

She will be as warm as the sun towards me – as I will to her – and if she does need to impliment some manner of manipulation – to extract a desired behavior from me – she will have a much smoother way of going about it than screeching like a hag for the neighbours to hear, because she’s smart enough to know that abusing me incessantly will diminish my desire to be with her at all.

Would YOU want to do things for a woman who’s constantly ugly toward you?

She will never meet a man like me again and she’s well aware of this: she wouldn’t dream of doing anything that may destroy what we have because I am irreplaceable to her.

She will therefore have herself a man who’ll be anything she needs him to be, because he will know she loves him and want to please her.

She will value our relationship above all else, know that if she stabs me in the heart for long enough she will lose me no matter how much I love her and be smart enough to realize that the *tone* of that relationship and how it functions is influenced every bit as much by her behaviour as mine.

Dear Universe,
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Jason Riley
Animal-lover, part-time feral.

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