Added a bunch of extra categories and photos!

What the site looks like on my android phone using the chrome browser. Yours should look like this too.

Moosecam almost works

As well as the home page menu changes, I’ve almost got Moosecam working automatically with the site.

The camera has an email alert function that sends three images taken one second apart in an email, any time movement is detected; I’ve setup auto-forwarding in gmail to automatically forward those emails to the post-by-mail daemon and publish them.

Problem is, they’re not consistently sending every hour like they’re meant to.

The Lifetime gallery

I’ve also added a new gallery that will just act as a huge photo-bucket to upload any photos I find of my life. I’ve still got to edit the dates in a lot of images so they list in the correct chronological order.

Added a bunch of extra categories and photos!
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