Day 6 – Saturday 2-Aug-2014

With Outing #6 already all but over, I awaken this morning to find marsupial shit in my cooking pots.

Now, I didn’t mind using the pots for food the other night after he’s walked and licked all in it – he is after all my mammalian brethren – but a line has to be drawn somewhere – and shit in my bowl is that very line.
A quick wash in the creek satisfied my vague idea of what constitutes clean, but I’ll not be leaving the pots open like that in future.

Having done the usual morning business, I spent most of the day pissing around with my solar panels trying to get my phone charged, only to end-up with a dismal forty-nine percent charge on said phone and reaching the conclusion that solar chargers – here in the middle of the trees at least – are an absolute waste of time and pack space. I only wish I had ‘ve charged the two 12v/9000mAh batteries I have in town and tested them with the new phone. Had they worked, I would’ve had ten full rechargings from flat, or many more top-ups. As it is, I’m on about 45% with no recharge options left.

Since I’m writing this diary my phone, it’s an inconvenience because pen and paper can get lost, weigh more and have to be typed-out anyway so I’d rather not to hand-write notes anymore.

Maybe I’m just sick, but there’s nothing makes me grin wider than the voices of people stuck out here on trails after dark. The tourist information centre informs me this happens all the time.
Foreign tourists in particular misjudge the time a trail will take them and sunset, and end-up scrambling around in the dark – iPhones as torches – fumbling up the mountain in the dark.
And I can hear them too: every few nights they call out, first in a calm, “maybe we’ll make it” voice, then a more panicked “oh man how much charge we got?” voice. I sit or lay here making my piping hot coffee and chuckle

Day 6 – Saturday 2-Aug-2014
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Animal-loving cleaner with a parrot.