Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 1



(Friday 3-October-2014)


So here we are, back in the woods where life is beautiful. The birds are singing, the humans are far away and I have more food than I need including a full kilo of raw chicken necks for my Goanna mate.

Sure hope he comes to eat em before they start smelling.
I haven’t seen my Goanna mate yet of course, but I’ve only been back an hour or so. Usually he makes his daily appearance around 10:30am so we’ll see.

The walk out here was nice enough, and commenced with my sneakily snapping a photo of some random, cute brunette at the information centre before grabbing a bottle of something to drink and heading for The Staircase.

I was actually a bit surprised to find nobody going up or down, even though it was already 1:00pm.

Typically, the midday train from Central arrives packed-out with tourists from Sydney and by lunchtime the walking trails are pretty busy. Not today, fortunately. Nice to be able to just walk down without waiting for other people to pass for a change.

It wasn’t until I’d reached the bottom of the stairs I finally saw people, and even then it was just a couple about to ascend the Giant Staircase sitting on a bench having a rest before the momentous climb ahead of them. We had a bit of a bla-bla about whatever: I told them about my camping-out all winter down here, he told me about a trip to Africa he went on a few years ago and how great it is to be smackbang in the middle of nature like that, and we all agreed that it’s really the only way you can possibly be a part of it.

His chick just sat there the whole time he and I were talking like she’d left her personality back at the motel or something. I don’t think she uttered a single word actually: Simply nodding at her boyfriend and myself throughout the conversation.

Eventually, everyone had enough rest, and we continued our separate ways but before they left he managed to have me agree to take a tetra-pak of tropical juice. He kept telling me they had too many in their bag – even though I still had almost a full bottle of Gatorade in my hand – so I ended-up agreeing to accept one, why not right?

The two pairs of leg-protecting gaiters felt just awesome once I got off the trails and started walking crunching through the foot-deep leaf-litter, fern and scrubs.

Not only because they’re perfectly comfortable – which they are – but for the reassurance attached to them. I may never find a snake willing to bite, but if I do it’s great to know I’ve got thick enough padding around my lower legs and ankles to stop fangs reaching my skin.

Having said that, a monster-sized Death Adder with half-inch fangs could probably get through to my skin, but that’s be a record-breaking freaky eight-foot beast that’d have fangs that long. The average length of an adult Death Adders fangs are only around 6mm: *less* than a quarter of an inch.

Arrived not too long ago, and I’m pleased to announce no reptilian rips or marsupial mauling of the tent, and both 3ltr water bladders right under the bushes where I left them so nobody was naughty while I was gone.

Rainforest Life: Outing #11 – Day 1
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