The Rainforest Journal: Outing #15 – Day 5

(Thursday 4-December-2014)


Just a random tree trunk, gotta have an image of the day right?

Just a random tree trunk, gotta have an image of the day right?

Today was pretty quiet, with no strange, grunting noises that woke me up and no Lyrebird conga-line traipsing past my tent. They were here – just a few dozen meters from the camp – but the grass and undergrowth around here is thick enough to swallow most animals that’re more than a couple meters away, max.

This morning, apparently, was “Currawong practice” since that was the pre-dominant calls they mimicked. In-between Currawong calls there were more Kookaburras, Whip-birds and laser-gun noises plus many more mimicked sounds that I just couldn’t identify.

They went on all morning with the calls; switching between different sounds and spitting em out like a machine-gun does bullets. Finally at around 11:00am they stopped, and that was the last I heard of them for the day.

A few actual Currawong flew-in here and there throughout the day to grab bits of food on the ground outside but took off straight after so there’s not really been much opportunity for photos today.

About 12:00pm-3:00pm was the hottest part of the day, and lately I’ve taken to simply lying in the tent reading during this period in the afternoon; the flies outside are just insane-inducing as of late, and although the tent is at least 5°C hotter than the air outside, it’s not that bad if you wet yourself down with the soggy cloth whenever you get the urge; as soon as your face, neck and arms are wet, even the slightest, warmest breeze feels cool because of the moisture on your skin, so stayingin the tent doing nothing until it cools-down had been the lesser of two evils.

I used to employ a spray bottle in Adelaide on hot days, and it’s the same principle. Works too, as long as you have any kind of water.

About an hour ago now, I get a text from my mother telling me to call Katoomba police immediately, as they’re about to launch an all-out search & rescue operation to find me; since I was apparently due back yesterday.

I ring the station and tell em the situation, the cop tells me to hold a minute while he gets the “Bushwalking book” and a minute or two later returns, confirming that I had in fact wrote the 3rd December as my return date. Silly thing to overlook really, especially since I used my phones calender this time to plot out the dates. I must have simply picked the wrong row on the calender while filling out the form.

I heard one of the choppers fly overhead today too; the first I’ve heard all outing, since there haven’t been any fires this time. At least I know if I end up dead as dogshit, the police will probably get to finding my corpse before too many Goannas have chewed at it. Seriously, they do; my monitor Broeskis love carrion, and one corpse-full of rotting meat is the same as the next to them – just a free, high protein meal.


Holy fuck this storms starting to pick right up. Lighting flashing right overhead, the white-noise of a million leaves and tree branches whooshing around me. Where better to be in a violent storm, than right at the foot of several large trees, eh?

Should record it. Hang on… Yeah there we are. I stopped it at 5-minutes, and what you can hear is just wind, maybe the occasional stick or leaves hitting the tent and the lightest of rain-drops being pelted into the side. Just lightning and wind:

Woo, I’d be bricking it about now if I weren’t so apathetic. That wind woo-oo-ee. Anyway, best type a bit quicker so I can post this before some half-tonne branch squashes my head like a grape or lightning fucks me and the phone.

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #15 – Day 5
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