Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 1




All the trudging with a fortnight worth of food on my back is behind me, and I’m at my campsite – just resting now while my sweat-soaked clothes dry a bit.

Started raining cats and dogs about twenty minutes ago: roughly five minutes after I’d arrived, re-adjusted the fly/tarp, got my stuff and myself into the tent and put a coffee on.

It’s uncanny, how the weather seems to hold-clear just long enough for me to get down here and under cover. This morning at about 8:00am, when I woke-up, it looked so wet and overcast I almost considered having to postpone walking down here.
By ten the sun was shining, and it hasn’t rained the whole time I’ve been outside, and since I had time to stretch the fly back out, the rain is once again flowing into my makeshift pond, an added bonus.

@3:03pm – Reunited πŸ™‚

It seems I will have to append a third “focus” for this outing: Further bonding with my pretty, pregnant she-rat.

Soon after I got into my tent and the rain began I pulled-out the makings and made myself a coffee.
I drank it straight away, and as I’m putting the empty pot down I glimpse a dark shape move from out the corner of my eye.
I look, and see the shadow of something run along the outside of the tent.

Something mouse sized. πŸ™‚

“I see you there, gorgeous furry girl.”, I say – in a normal voice before spotting the same shadow at the other side of the tent, “aww don’t hide, I won’t eat you, beeaaautiful”.

A moment later, she’s at the open door of the tent. We look at one another for a few moments, I grin at her and she scampers around the back again, then proceeds to climb the outside of the inner until she reaches the mesh windows halfway up where she sits – looking down at me through the screen.

“Pretty thing you are”, I tell her.

For a couple minutes she ran around excitedly on the mesh before I got out some bread, broke off a bit and held it up for her to smell, and her nose did indeed wiggle around as she smelled the offered food.

Part climbing, part sliding back down off the tent, she hopped around to the door again but rather than approach the bread and crackers I’d since placed out for her, she began digging around under leaves eating things she found, glancing back at me every now and then.

Of course looking at her, she appears to be well and truly fat and pregnant, and so I told her to eat her crackers and bread and not to be shy.

Alas, she chose to be shy πŸ™‚

Finally, after a few minutes more she hopped-off back home back to wherever she came from. I was already writing this at the time so didn’t see her go, but I have no doubt she’ll be back later tonight for her usual visit πŸ™‚

Who’d have thought a wild animal would actually be visibly excited to see you, hey πŸ™‚

A touchingly warm welcome from my she-rat, on an otherwise cold and rainy afternoon, and an excellent start to my ninth stay ;O)


Well my clothes are still damp with sweat from walking down here, and it’s made me cold so I’ve zipped myself inside my sleeping bag already. Even wet – as I found out a few weeks ago – the sleeping bag is well insulated enough to cure any discomfort caused by the cold.

Of cause, it’s still raining outside, and thus far I’ve scored free-water for two coffees from it. Also, looking outside I see the pond is almost half-full again, so – combined with the 6Ltrs I carried in with me – I’ll have plenty of water till Sunday or Monday at least.


I forgot to point out, that upon arrival at my campsite, I was quite pleased to find no holes or chew-marks whatsoever anywhere in the tent πŸ™‚


As predicted “she” has returned – several times of course – to fill her belly with the easy, high-calorie food I laid-out for her.

And with an air of dΓ©jΓ  vu, about ten minutes ago I sat up – making a slight noise – and heard something much bigger than my lady-mouse run, followed by a loud “clonk” of something striking wood at speed, about thirty meters away.

Yet again, I assume it’s a possum, but it could be a feral cat, possum, wombat, quoll, .. the list of medium-sized nocturnals out here is quite a long one, so without even a glimpse of the animal in question, who can say what it was?

Whatever it is, it had plenty of opportunity to chew holes in my tent and didn’t, so I’m happy enough for it to hang around πŸ™‚

Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 1
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