Mooses’ first shower

Featured image: I might be tempted to throw him a cold shoulder too – if he left me waiting 20 minutes alone – but the photos before this prove Moose was already quite enjoying the warm water long before I even went back to the backroom to shower myself.

Randomly, Moose wants a shower

So it’s Saturday today, means we both slept in until almost midday and – given the 4-5 hours sleep we got all week – that’s a good thing.

I get up and let Moose out of his cage – give him the usual pats and cheek rub before placing him on the rope canopy while I make my first coffee for the day.

I should explain here, that you cannot make coffee or do anything else requiring hands while you have a parrot walking on you, because they’re just all over everything the moment you pick it up: like white on rice or a fly on shit, he will just keep running down my arm to get whatever I’ve got until I start getting angry. 

Coffee made, I get Moose down so we can sit and drink it but the coffee’s rubbish – not enough sugar or milk, so he’s climbed down onto the floor and started eating seeds he’d dropped last night while I finish caffinating myself.

I go into the bathroom and turn the shower on, then return to my seat and start fucking ’round with my phone as you do; the parrot hears the hissing and splashing and makes his way into the bathroom to investigate or whatever. 

And starts without me..

Given the interest he’s shown in the wicker basket I put in there the other day, I figured he’d just gone to stand on that and chirp at the noise the shower was making; I dismiss the near-on half-an-hour of squawking, chipping and clucking noises coming from the bathroom and move my focus back to my phone and coffee.

Fast forward twenty minutes: I’ve just finished a second much better coffee and decided to stop procrastinating and get in the shower now, so go into the bathroom and find this..

First thing I see when I step in the room: he’d been in there making the same noises the whole time I was drinking my coffee.

Just, “Oohhhhh…yes”

And you know, every time I’ve had a shower the past 10 months, Moose has squawked and screamed and carried-on from the next room like I’m being murdered in there – now he finally gets to see what all the fuss is about and finds he rather approves of the noisy contraption in the bathroom; now.

But a half-hour drenching was not enough

Having taken photos until the screen was slippery with water, I toss the phone on the bed then get in the shower but – upon picking Moose up off the shower base – find the bird unwilling to step-off my finger back onto the basket.

I tried placing him on the basket – he didn’t want to; I tried placing him on the top rail of the shower screen – he didn’t want to; tried placing him on the rack that holds the shampoo and conditioner – he would not get off. 

Finally I placed him on my shoulder – where he happily climbed-off – and that’s where he stayed right up until I got around to washing my hair and I assume because the water got just a bit too heavy with the spray directed at my head – right next to him. 

He didn’t even scratch me with his claws – the whole time he was perched there 🙂

We’ll book a regular weekly of that

Once he’d had enough I put him on the wicker basket – just next to the shower – before relocating him to his rope canopy outside the bathroom where it was warmer, for faster drying-time. 

He certainly looks cold.

And once he was finally, completely dry, wow talk about fluffy-grade soft; makes sense a 40 minute hot shower would get him cleaner than the usual daily baths he gives himself – dunking himself in cold water a couple times then shaking dry 🙂

Soft and fluffy like new; months worth of dust and oils washed-out in one go 🙂

Mooses’ first shower
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