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After about half an hour dicking around with Facebook’s development centre last night, I ended-up with a live app that’ll log anyone into Psychaesthetic with Facebook. You can also register with the same button, of course.

API keys, secret codes, passwords and email confirmation; you’d think you were fucking signing into AREA-51 they have so much security, and just to get that ‘Login with Facebook’ button working!

There’s another social login button-set in the comments plugin, but although it also allows login via twitter and google+ it isn’t connected to the Psychaesthetic Facebook app I created, and doesn’t work so flawlessly. I’ll have to get rid of that button-set.

I started with the sole intention of just changing themes, but as it’s turned out I’ve spent the last two days with by head under the hood, so to speak, ripping out shit and tossing it on the ground before screwing-in new addons.

There’s a bunch of other changes; I even went through the role permissions to remove access to /rainforest-journals/ and set Guido as the only member able to post to /guidos-awesome-sauce/ so he really does have his own private category to trumpet from.

Default user role *was* set to ‘Author’ but in the end I reverted back to a lesser default group. I mean really, who would leave a site wide-open to 50 billion bots? Logging-on or registering with Facebook will still get you one-click access to comments site-wide, and anything that’s one-click-access is good, right?


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