The Rainforest Journal: Outing #13: Day 10

(Sunday 9-November-2014)


The only large reptile out and about today: Junior.

The only large reptile out and about today: Junior.

Junior has already paid a visit this morning, although he didn’t hang around the tent much because I didn’t put any food out for him. I thought about putting some pasta on to cook quickly, then decided not to bother: Not only has he had more than enough food from me in the past few days, the Pavlovic intermittent reward system is probably best. He still spent a while within the periphery of the tent, just not right outside the door today.

Still no sign at all of the big man, Broeski.

So while I washed my orifices, Junior sunbathed a few meters away. I have to confess though, I actually quite like the way my underwear smell after a week. It’s a kind of musky scent that 50,000 years ago would probably have been considered a pretty attractive thing.

Regrettably, society doesn’t share my love for the way my groin smells after a week without a wash so I’ve have my full end-of-outing wash and got into the fresh pair of underwear and socks I brought with me. I also washed my t-shirt in the creek yesterday when I went there for water, so that smells a lot better than it did.


I’ve readjusted the site to take *.mp3 uploads, and downloaded an app that will record them, so from here on out any forest or animal sounds can be uploaded directly into the post. They’ll appear as a little strip with a play button on the left-most side. Just press that and the audio will play.

I’m sure I can upload full-quality videos straight into posts too, but video files take a while to upload out here, where reception is not exactly 100%. Still, I’d rather upload any videos here in full 1080p HD than let Facebook rip the guys out of each one as I upload it.


The cutest little Dragon just hopped past the tent. He’s only about 10cm from nose-to tail-tip and looks like either a Jacky or Mountain Dragon. Might be neither of course, the red-coloured head makes it hard to tell.

Strapping little dragon casually wondering through. .

Strapping little dragon casually wanders through..

I knew as soon as I saw something scampering through the leaves it wasn’t just another skink; the size was too big and that reddish head just made it look …different. Couple of times now I’ve seen little Dragons scurrying about in the undergrowth but I haven’t had much of a chance to really look at them ’cause they’re so tiny, camouflaged very well and move so quickly all you generally get is a glimpse or if you’re lucky, a good look from several meters away.

Giving the signature dragon look: The stink eye.

Giving that signature dragon look: The stink eye.

This time fortunately I was still in my tent (typing out the first part of today’s entry I was), and as chance would have it sat forward to get comfortable when this tiny thing moved out the corner of my eye. I’m sure he saw me, but like most of the animals out here he doesn’t mind if you’re sitting still.

...quick stop to poke his tongue out and he's off again. .

…quick stop to poke his tongue out and he’s off again. .

More likely, his vision is movement-based so if you just sit still and wait for their goldfish-grade ability to concentrate to reset – usually just a few seconds – they’ll carry-on like you’re not even there.

.. done sitting around he makes his way around the other side of the tent, to get-on with important dragon matters...

.. done sitting around he makes his way around the other side of the tent, to get-on with important dragon matters…

He’s ran past the tent to this little house-brick-sized rock about a meter away, sat there and looked around awhile, then hopped off the rock and run along the front of the tent. I could just hear scratching from tiny claws while he was there.

... Like arm-waving at a tree to show it who's boss.

…like arm-waving at a tree.

A few moments later I hear the scratching coming from the tarp over the other side and there he is stopped again to ponder his next move for a moment before doing a quick hop-dash to the log below, where he spent a couple minutes doing some characteristic dragon “arm waving” – apparently at nothing, or certainly I couldn’t see any other dragons around – and then just like that *snap* he was gone.

No doubt looking for some foxy she-lizard, since it’s the right time for breeding, I tried to identify the type of dragon he is and couldn’t find any with orange heads – though he looks like a little Jacky in every other respect. The photos all showed Jackys with heads that’re the same colour as their bodies so I’m not sure.


Before I close the post for the day and start reading creepypastas before bed, I finally managed to get a photo of one of the sneaky little devils who chewed a hole in my tents floor a few weeks ago…

That sneaky bush-rat.

That sneaky bush-rat.

…there are several of them out there at the moment. I did hear the Possum in the trees, but my opening the tent door zip must have spooked him off. So while he’s up there nope’en out, piece by tomatoey piece the little bush-rats are taking-off with the marsupials dinner.

Oh well 🙂

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #13: Day 10
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