To you who promised all

Doesn’t even matter who this is about to anyone but that person, and I’ll never identify by name because I’m embarrassed for being dumb enough to trust her at all – with anything. 

You know what; rather than leave a paragraph of bullshit that makes me look like a solid gold c@#t, I’ll just change to a new sim card next week so I have a new number.

No, actually, you’ve just wasted over a year of my life acting like an emotional leech who gave nothing back.

You like to say I back flip too much when all I’m doing is reacting to positive and negative stimuli as it’s presented to me.

All this time now I have *rained* love down on you and given 100% – from the stupid superficialities like countless roses and chocolates to gutting you’re bathroom for you and rebuilding it from the frame up and even THEN: working full-time then giving you the only two days I get off a week what did you do to thank me? Screamed at me like bitch because I wasn’t providing free labour and materials fast enough for your liking: never mind I’ve never even thought about renovating a room – let alone a bathroom.

The uprights and studs had to be replaced because they were so rotten you could poke your fucking finger through the termite infested wood, and you had the audacity to blame me because I used the shower in a bathroom that was falling apart LONG before you ever met me.

The universe *gifts* you a man who wants to love you on a soul level for the rest of your life and all you can do is kill it slowly because you’re too stupid to shed childish resentments over silly shit and join me in present.

Best of luck with the socially acceptable bore you end-up with: that’s all you deserve.

You will never have me again – on any level.

The start of the incredible 2 month effort she managed to make before turning her back on me.

The end of the more substantial 2 year effort from me.


To you who promised all
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