Arrival in the Mountains – 12-May-2014

Katoomba Falls Caravan Park: looks pretty enough, but it’s overpriced and the owners are pretty cold towards guests.

Arrived in Katoomba fresh off the train from Sydney on Friday at approximately noon.

Having planned for weeks on hiking straight out to Mount Solitary upon my arrival, I ended-up – depressingly – walking and bussing it back-and-forward around town for hours dragging over 25kg of gear in my way oversized 90Ltr backpack everywhere I went.

Finally, at around 4:30pm the driver of the last bus of the day suggested I get off at Katoomba Falls Caravan Park and ask whether they have any vacancies.

The Sun was beginning to set, and in half an hour would be gone for the night, so – reluctantly – I agreed and stepped off the bus with my painfully overweight pack and walked across the road.

Deflated, and feeling way out of my depth I trudge up the caravan parks driveway and into the front office where, having accepted that Mount Solitary was never going to happen today, paid the twenty dollars for an unpowered strip of grass to pitch my tent on.

I was allocated Lot 10 and quickly scurried to the back of the park to get the tent pitched, since the cold night air was already sucking my body heat out of me and it hadn’t even gone dark yet.

Arrival in the Mountains – 12-May-2014
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