12th-April-2014 – Marion & Back

Another test-hike for the 650, but this time, I had a reason to go out, and made a point of taking many photos at random points there and back.
[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Track_12-4-2014 Marion-and-Back.gpx” nggalleries=”2″ donotreducegpx=”true”]
I also set the device to record track-points “Most often” as opposed to yesterdays “Normal”, and set the site to “Don’t reduce GPX points” so they should all be there. Took about 20mins to upload the complete track with geopics this time, simply because of the number of photos taken, and their collective size: 55 8mb images piled-up to 110mb’s, and although I have ADSL2+ broadband, well, you know how these web-based uploadeds go, they’re never all that fast regardless.

I might take the dog for a little walk – further than a block this time – shortly, while the Sun’s still out.

12th-April-2014 – Marion & Back
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