Day 4 – Thursday 14-Aug-2014



No sooner had I opened my eyes, the little Antechinus she-devils were scurrying and crashing around in the leaves.

I haven’t seen more than one at a time, till a moment ago when I not only saw two at the same time, but one chasing the other away from the food.

Not wanting either of them to miss out on free, high calorie milk and sugar I didn’t bother getting involved in their squabbling, but just a moment ago, a single – sightly fatter Antechinus returned alone to lick-up the rest of the sugary liquid.
I think the fatter of the two is both the more regular visitor, and the more pregnant of the two?


Antechinus when they speak, which isn’t very often, make a tiny clicking kind of chirpy noise. For the most part though, they make most of their noises crunching leaves as they hop and run around. They’re really very noisy for such tiny critters.


The plan today is to take it easy. After yesterdays hike halfway into the valley, and subsequent climb back out, my leg muscles are a little sore, but I’ve also wasted half the day filming the marsupials – a rare treat for me to get not only photos but videos in broad daylight, how could I resist?

It’s a nice day though. Not a cloud in the sky that I can see, and neither too cold or windy.
After many kilometers of crunching down and uphill through dense bush, I may ‘ve found myself a new campsite. About two kilometers down, then uphill on a different slope.
Creepily, there’s already an old fireplace there though it doesn’t look like it’s been used at all for quite a while: the same amount of leaf-litter that covers the campfire, is just as evenly dispersed across the entire area.
Then again, it’s probably near impossible to find a ‘new’ camping spot out here that hasn’t been used. Take the camp I’m using right now: when I arrived here, I cleared half a foot of leaves, sticks and branches, only to discover – subsequently – an old 70s porno in a metal barrel down the hill and another old, decomposing porno buried no more than a foot from where I sleep, along with charcoal approximately one foot to the side of that!

Both the old porno and charcoal are only buried about two inches below the surface, and I only knew the rotting magazine was there because bits keep sticking-up out of the ground.
I managed to read a tiny two inch section of the fragile, decaying paper and gathered, since it was about some guy shoving something in some poor helpless girl it must be pornography of some type.

The charcoal I didn’t notice till later, but both were unearthed simply by my shoving leaves away with my boot.

So you see, any place that’s flat enough to make a halfway decent campsite, has – more likely than not – already been used for that purpose by someone, at some time.

I’ll actually be a bit sad to leave my little marsupial friends; they’ll just have to go back to eating bugs again, but there’s an awful lot of Kangaroo shit around the new site so perhaps I’ll make some new, albeit much larger, friends there.

The good news is there’s plenty of flat ground for a two square meter tent, which is most important with the warmer months fast approaching – though alot of leaf and stick clearing will need to be done.
The bad news, it’s easily twice the distance from water, so the daily walk will be a bit of a hassle. I might consider increasing my water carrying capacity to five or six litres, so I only need to refill every two days.


So my boots are off for the night, leaving just my socks on, and one of the marsupial mice have just walked around on my feet. They’re so light it didn’t even tickle! I’ll miss the adorable little creatures.


Dinner was pasta tonight. Though I actually wanted noodles, I’ve got so many bags of pasta and sauce weighing my bag down, I felt I should bite the proverbial bullet and eat some.
The Antechinus didn’t mind, since they prefer pasta over noodles though their favourite foods remain the same: milk and sugar mixed with a few drops off water, and Arnotts Teddybear biscuits – they’re their favourite foods, of all the things I’ve fed them thus fa

Day 4 – Thursday 14-Aug-2014
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