Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 11


(Monday 15-September-2014)


Nothing needs to be done today really, but get water. Since there’s been blue sky for days – and fuckall rain – I opted to use the remaining water in the pond to wash myself.

Not too keen on drinking water I’ve washed my nasty bits in, I’m off for some of that fresh, ice-cold creek stuff.


So the walk for water was as pleasant as ever. Birds singing, all that shit, but I did find myself more paranoid about snakes: eyeballing the ground as I walked for movement the whole way. I’m going to have to find a decent pair of gaiters pretty soon, because although I’ve generally figured that ankle-high all-leather boots and long pants should do the trick, I’ve recently added the momentum of a hypothetical snake-bite to my consideration.

My pants are a pretty thin, soft, quick-dry cotton/poly mix, and although they *are* loose, the strike-force of a snake thrusting itself upon my leg would probably be enough to shove the fabric of my trousers flat against my leg, rendering them no protection at all.

Of course this is just a common-sense-derived calculation on my part, based on the knowledge that snakes are essentially just tubes of muscle, with fangs at one end.
I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure most snakes have fangs that’re long enough to pierce both the thin fabric *and* my skin, and given I’d have only one hour to get to Emergency at the local hospital before my proverbial “window” shuts – along with my heart, I think extra leg protection would be a pretty sound thing.

This *is* Australia after all, we *do* have the highest concentration of deadly-venomous creatures on the planet. 🙂


Tell ya what, the forest is starting to busy itself up. “Spring” to life, if you’ll pardon the awful pun.

The Currawongs are doing their thing, along with those doodly Cockatoos, the Yellow Robins and all the other birds, and they’re doing it with so much more vigor lately. In fact, in the past few days I’ve seen more birds than at any other time, and almost a dozen times I’ve watched species I’ve not seen at all so far, flittering around nearby.

Insects are rapidly increasing in numbers, and the smell of spring has been in the air the past few days. And with yesterdays albeit small reptilian sighting, I think Spring might just be here!


I feel bad for not leaving any food out for the Possum tonight, but I don’t much feel like cooking a separate pot of couscous or pasta just for him, and I’ve already had the tiny bit of leftover tomato paste with couscous, for dinner myself.
Maybe I will. It only takes a few minutes to heat couscous, and it’s less I have to carry up with me. Hmm. Of course, there’s nothing whatsoever to flavour it with – all I have left now is coffee, sugar, powdered milk, couscous and pasta – but this Possum doesn’t seem to be too fussy anyhow.
It’s healthier too, served plain.
Alright it’s cooked, cooked and on a “plate” outside.

No sad Possum tonight!

Rainforest Life: Outing #9 – Day 11
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