Day 7 – Sunday 17-Aug-2014



Started bucketing rain last night at about 7:00pm, and still hasn’t stopped this morning. I haven’t been able to leave my tiny plastic cover in over fifteen hours now, and it’s pissing me off because it’s pretty cramped in here.


The rain has finally stopped for now! Hope it stays stopped a while ’cause I got morning matters to do and water to get!
Further down in the valley, I see the smoke from two campfires. I could start one except everything’s drenched, and I don’t feel comfortable having a pillar of smoke announce my location or presence, like that.

Beautiful spot. All the noises – even the birds – sound far away. The view’s pretty good too; certainly by comparison with the last camp.


I’m back at camp, having went for water at approximately 2:00pm, and have had dinner, tea and one sole coffee because I’m down to only one cups worth of that.

It started spitting as I began walking to the creek, but thankfully eased rather than getting heavier. Walking down – all the way there and back – there was thick mist everywhere.

It’s just amazing how the landscape changes: different lighting at different times of day, different weather conditions, sometimes hourly, trees fall, animals forage thereby changing the forest in tiny but noticeable ways.. Everytime I come out here – often every day here too – it’s like a different rainforest it changes in so many little ways.

Where was I. The creek.
I was almost there, ready to drop my bag, get my water bladder out and step down to the water, when a wallaby hops out onto the trail and up the hill away from me in the other direction. He wouldn’t have been more than ten meters away from me. Like a smaller, fluffier, cuter version of a kangaroo they are and though I’ve often seen them run when they see me coming, never from that close.

I assume he was drinking from the creek, since he came from there.

Waking around the elbow and looking up the trail I saw him sitting there in the middle, just watching me for a few seconds, before he hopped – slower this time – off into some scrub and vanished.

Geesh it’s getting cold. Even half in my sleeping bag out of the wind, my top half is freezing. Lasts nights rain dampened my other tops, so there’s no point wearing them. There’s 30mm of rain forecast for tonight too, so I’ll expect to get dripped-on and soggy again tonight.

I could’ve gone back up the mountain and slept in one of the caves or escarpments up there, but being the weekend I would’ve had to just walk around like a dickhead waiting till dark, before walking back to the cave to actually sleep. Would’ve been a much easier walk tomorrow, too, but I just decided not to, not sure why really.


Almost dark now, and though there’s no rain yet, it’s pretty windy.

My sleeping bag is wet, all my other clothes are wet, and my pack is wet. If I wasn’t so anal about sealing everything in snap-lock plastic bags, all the remaining food would be wet too but the dampness will get into it all eventually.

I’ve started putting my electronics in either snap-locks or the waterproof top compartment of my backpack.

Several of the trees here look as though they’ve been in a bushfire: trunks charred all the way up and down, and they’ve broken in half leaving only the trunk. I assume this would have to be lighting, since all the other trees of the same size look perfectly healthy.

Anyhow, it’s cold, wet and windy and pretty soon dark to boot. Tomorrow I get to go on upstairs and have a shower and warm room for a few nights, and next time I will most certainly be bringing my tent.

Not a drop of water got in that tent when setup for two-weeks of howling wind and pelting rain, and had I brought that down this time, I wouldn’t be lying in damp clothes in a damp sleeping bag waiting for even more rain to wet me even further.

Day 7 – Sunday 17-Aug-2014
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