The Rainforest Journal: Outing #14 – Day 9

(Sunday 23-November-2014)


Owing to the 35°C day we have on the way, I’ve decided to spend the day at the creek. A cool stream of air drifts down through the rainforest there, like natural air-conditioning.

I have to get water anyway, but rather than walking back I’ll just pull-up a price of dirt in the shade there. As well as the water bottles I’m taking the makings for coffee, though leaving the stove behind. I’ll just make-up one 2ltr bottle of “iced” coffee. Our a few if I need more.

I’ll also toss my dirty clothes in the creek to soak before washing them and maybe catch-up on the last few journal entries it’s been too hot and sticky to bother with.


So here we are, much cooler albeit with a lot more bugs. Little flies, assorted beetles and all types of other bugs fill the air – landing on me regularly. In the sunlight they look like motes; all floating randomly in different directions through the air.

I’ve tossed all my dirty clothes in the creek, and a Currawong keeps trying to steal the soap. Other birds have stolen every bar of soap I’ve left out. Suppose it’s the animal fats they like but surely it’d taste shit even to a bird.


It’s still cooler here – a fact confirmed every time I stand out on the trail and get a waft of hot wind hit me in the face – though it’s warming up even here, gradually. I was going to stay until the evening but I dunno; I’ve washed my stinky socks and underwear – in Sydney’s water supply – but don’t want to change until I’m done sweating for the day so not until I get back to my camp and have my end-of-outing wash.

This makes me inclined to want to go back now; just so I can wash and get on clean clothes.

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #14 – Day 9
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Animal-loving cleaner with a parrot.

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