The Rainforest Journal: Outing #14 – Final day


Young Currawong bids me farewell.

Young Currawong bids me farewell.

Having visited each day for food, the scruffy youngster perches on a nearby branch and makes quiet little meep-meep noises, as I strap-up and leave.



The Giant Staircase

Just a tiny section of steps.

Over 50 flights containing approximately 900 steps. This only gets you up and down the actual cliff-face, to the top of the valley. About 28 times now I’ve ascended and descended this bitch of a staircase.



Bower Bird nest.

Blue plastic tops, shoe-laces, straws and wrappers.

Forced to take a detour in my usual track because of some fallen tree I walked past this Bower Bird nest and figured it warranted a photo or two. Of course, the birds compulsively search everywhere for anything they can find that’s blue then fly it back and use it to line their nests.

NSW "Satin" Bower Bird

^…a Bower Bird.

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #14 – Final day
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