The Rainforest Journal: Outing #12 – Day 10

(Sunday 26-October-2014)


Another day, another hundred insect bites.

The more Sun, the more bugs.

The more Sun, the more bugs.

So there’s been no sign of the Lace Monitor thus far today. I’m not particularly bothered though, since I’ve got somewhat more important things to do besides watch him for a change today. There’s regular pasta out there for whoever wants it, and if he doesn’t eat it the Possum will. I’m running out of gas anyhow.

Since this outing’s nearing an end, I’ve been doing the usual pre-leave stuff. I’ve washed my orifices – with soap even, hung some of my layers of clothing out to air some, packed the empty plastic bags and other assorted shit that needs binning when I leave all that dross,  routine housekeeping blugh that has to be done towards the end of each outing.

These fucking flies. Not only do I get mosquitoes sucking my blood all day and night,  I’ve now got Mayflies – I think that’s what they are – biting me every now and then. I know how-flies they’re much bigger so it can’t be them.  These flies chewing on me look like large house-flies, but with pointy rear-ends and white markings at the base of their wings. Anyway the hover around you continuously until they see a chance to land on your skin, then a second later you feel the bite.

The mosquitoes are so common I’ve almost completely given-up even trying to stop them biting me now. If I see one, or hear one squealing near my ears I’ll kill it but they bite right through your clothes anywhere so there’s just no point worrying about them for the most part. I got itchy bits on my elbows, ankles, feet and hands from the worthless little suckers but you can’t lock yourself in a fully sealed tent all day and night so whatever.

I should go snap a few photos of something, I guess, just so there’s some kind of visual element to go with the days entry. There’s not been a whole lot going on today that needs a photo taken off it really, but since I always include fresh images taken each day the post would look naked with out them.

The bathroom facilities ;)

The bathroom facilities 😉

I could’ve taken photos of me washing myself,  but they certainly wouldn’t have been a flattering series.


This isn’t the usual well ordered daily post: all events listed chronologically from morning through night but I forgot to mention something about the birds last night.

Continuing from yesterday’s afternoon visit from the birds, I mentioned that later in the afternoon the adult – or parent bird – returned on their own to have another peck-over the site for bread, oats and pasta. I didn’t worry about getting the camera ready since I already had a hundred photos of the two birds from their previous visit, earlier in the day.

I was in my tent this time, deciding what to have for dinner and about to start cooking when the adult Raven arrived. I heard the wing-flap and swoops, and sat-up to observe him – for the second time.




Good Lord, there’s a brand, spanking new Lace Monitor here who’s just clumsily walked past my tent. At first I thought, “Geesh,  you’ve lost heaps of weight since yesterday Bro, you look half the size”, and then I realized: it’s a completely different lizard, and it really is only half the size. That size was the first indicator but as he walked along I looked for the face-stripes and they looked a little different, to be sure though: I checked the tail.

Our regular, much larger Monitor has mostly black at the last three-four inches of his tail, with a *tiny* nubby bit of creamy-yellow where the very end has been either bitten off or caught on something, and just popped-off.

This much younger Monitor has yellow at the end of a perfect, undamaged tail. Unlike the Broeski, this Monitor didn’t stop-by the tent, but walked straight past without paying it – or me – any mind at all.

Walking like he hadn’t used his legs enough recently to know how they work, he clumsily plodded into the camp, flicked his tongue several times, then quickly walked to the base of a tree and rubbed himself in whatever was there, then flicky-flicky-flicked some more before pacing to another spot a few meters away and rubbed himself again. He flicked his tongue an awful lot more than Broeski ever does and he walked much faster; as if he had some important lizard appointment he was running late for.

Almost as soon as he’d made his entrance, he continued out of the camp and that’s all I know of the matter. I sure hope he doesn’t try to get all territorial about the area with Broeski, ’cause this little one will be in for a rude surprise when he finds out he’s up against another Lace Monitor easily twice his age and size.

Broeski could probably even manage to swallow him whole, if it came to it.

The new kid on the block.

The new kid on the block.

That photo’s pretty shit, and it looks just like the usual lizard-visitor but this new one is a much younger, much smaller animal.

The Rainforest Journal: Outing #12 – Day 10
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