Outing #44: I’ve got to leave town now.

It’s 6:30am and I’m sick of every cunt staring at me. Everyone KNOWS I’m miserable when they look at me because I’m just not that good an pretending. I’ve gotta go before they all get up so don’t have to deal with another day of saying “hi” and faking it around strangers.

I am bleeding-out.

I finally kind’ve understand why people suicide. Two more hours until I can finally be alone and fall apart, then again at 4am, then again when I get down into the valley. Glad you’re having fun.

Fully mobile with 10 gigabytes of data


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Bird is the word

Today I went to work, threatened my employer with legal action, smoked cannabis right on the library steps, got saved for another few days with $50 from my Mother and fed a gorgeous pigeon. You?

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Oh poor baby!

I saved a baby pigeon about an hour ago. I know, right, how fuckin hippie am I? I’ll check-in later and see if he’s alright.

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Tonight’s dinner in its entirety

That’s right – the whole 1kg 6-pack and no bullshit filler. Third night in a row I’ve eaten nothing but meet and I’m not even close to stick of it yet. Probably something to do with the gross lack of nutritional intake of iron. I’ll wait until it hits room temperature to cook it. Later […]



Just an apology really

From the beginning..

In an effort to purge my head of the crushing disappointment caused by my potential soulmate falling me so completely, I’ll write about it.


Solid Amethyst ring

Woman’s ring carved from a solid block of amethyst then polished to a 50,000 grit diamond finish.

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Dog’s paw

Simple colour-pencil drawing of the dogs paw, since she was sitting next to me at the time.

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Good Friday mega-walk

Just Pinch-Zoom into the map to spread the photos out a bit more! 😉

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Geo-caching with Poppy

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Marion & Back

Another test-hike for the 650, but this time, I had a reason to go out, and made a point of taking many photos at random points there and back. I also set the device to record track-points “Most often” as opposed to yesterdays “Normal”, and set the site to “Don’t reduce GPX points” so they […]

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PowerMonkey Extreme 12V

Packing a 9000mAh 12V Lithium-Ion battery pack and 600mAh solar panels, the PME12V was about the best-in-class solar charging device I could see online for ~$200. I’ve tested the unit, just in the backyard of course but sunlight is sunlight, and can confirm a charge-rate of 10% per hour. That doesn’t sound like much juice, […]


Kathmandu LED Tube-lantern

I grabbed this lantern for $16 from Kathmandu because, well I walked past it, and it seemed a pretty fair price for area-lighting. Turns out it’s more than broght enough to illuminate an area: in my bedroom with the TV on it floods the room with light, and outside where it’s the only sorce of […]

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