Pre feral

Dog’s paw

Simple colour-pencil drawing of the dogs paw, since she was sitting next to me at the time.

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Good Friday mega-walk

Just Pinch-Zoom into the map to spread the photos out a bit more! 😉

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Geo-caching with Poppy

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Marion & Back

Another test-hike for the 650, but this time, I had a reason to go out, and made a point of taking many photos at random points there and back. I also set the device to record track-points “Most often” as opposed to yesterdays “Normal”, and set the site to “Don’t reduce GPX points” so they […]

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PowerMonkey Extreme 12V

Packing a 9000mAh 12V Lithium-Ion battery pack and 600mAh solar panels, the PME12V was about the best-in-class solar charging device I could see online for ~$200. I’ve tested the unit, just in the backyard of course but sunlight is sunlight, and can confirm a charge-rate of 10% per hour. That doesn’t sound like much juice, […]


Kathmandu LED Tube-lantern

I grabbed this lantern for $16 from Kathmandu because, well I walked past it, and it seemed a pretty fair price for area-lighting. Turns out it’s more than broght enough to illuminate an area: in my bedroom with the TV on it floods the room with light, and outside where it’s the only sorce of […]

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Boreas V2 4-Season tent

So I’ve procrastinated about doing a ‘test-pitching’ of the tent, because without a back-yard here I have to setup in the front, and I cannot help but feel I have every neighbour within sighting distance watching me set the thing up which – in the end – irked me a bit, but I had to […]

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Why do it?

Many people now have asked me why on earth I’d want to go down a mountain in the middle of winter and spend half of every fortnight in the freezing cold, howling winds and rain to sleep on the ground in an open shelter – bugs crawling all over me – for months on end. […]

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