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(Updated) Love of my life

I will do anything to make you happy, because if you’re not happy you won’t stay with me and I feel broken when we’re not together x I cherish you Xox 29 August 2017 Related Images


(UPDATED) Haven’t been to work in 2 days.

Things are brought to a head in the most dramatic way I could come up with, because $20/hour is not enough to have to listen to toxicity ooze out an arsehole for almost 4 hours each morning.

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Mooses’ first shower

He just up-and walks to the bathroom, then climbs into the shower while it was running and stands there a good 20 minutes before I even go in.

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(UPDATED) Dear Universe

Yes, I know I begged for my ‘one for me’ whilst in my tent way back whenever, but the last one just wasn’t the one and here’s why. Kindly address these flaws before sending the next one.

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To you who promised all

The last I’ve got to say about the woman who delivered none of what she promised and wasted well over a year of my life. There’s bad language, yes indeed.

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Outing #41: Back to civilization

New sunglasses, a newly cleaned campsite and a new woman telling me to hurry-up and end the camping silliness and return to her.

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Outing #40: Happenings about town

With all the animals doing a whole bunch of fuck all lately, I’ll just write a recap of town this week – in bullet-point format – with a list of unimportant though actual events 🙂

Outing #39 Shuddup and lick, skunk-apes!

Almost completely fictitious post I imagined-up out of pure boredom; the animals weren’t doing anything new, meh ..whatever.

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Outing #39: You there! Koala Bear!

Loud, random belching noises from very near the tent every night finally conclude, in what I’m told is a very rare sighting down there now: a genuine wild Koala Bear.

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Outing #39: The Confident Currawong

Broeski’s back around the tent, making going for water difficult, and a Currawong who likes to FLIRT with DEATH.

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Outing #38: The Reptile Returns

That sexy lizard is back, and I ruminate about the deep love I have for my smart-phone.

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Outing #38: All that and more!

Featured image: A nice, clear macro of a nervous Bobbi. Taken while we had our half-hour bread'n'pat session the other night.

Spring has sprung, and horny animals can be heard all over the place making very weird noises all night long.

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Outing #37: Rain all day, Possums all night

Guido is becoming a proper adult man-possum, Marsupial Mice around the tent and string has sprung!

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Outing #34: Bobbi’s baby is finally out

Bobbi’s new joey has finally emerged from the pouch and made it’s debut appearance.

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Outing #30 – Water Water Everywhere

(Monday 8-June-2015) Tell ya what: just now, uploading some photos for the post I’ve gotta say that little Nikon compact camera was arguably the best purchase I made as far as gear goes. Mind you, none of the camping or hiking gear I’ve bought has let me down in any way – I researched the […]

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