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Outing #43: Back to the bush

Thanks to the women at the pharmacy, I’ve got a tin of shortbread biscuits to stop me eating moths for tonight – maybe 🙂

And thank you Michele – best ex I’ve ever had x

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The Rainforest Revisited

Finally realizing the woman I’ve loved for years doesn’t love me back, there’s no longer a reason to be in town wasting energy working just to put a shitty roof over my head that never feels like home anyway.

The Jamison Valley feels more like home than anywhere in town I’ve stayed since I came to the mountains.

And that’s the starting-point for volume two: there’s nothing to keep me here grinding my days away for cash; there’s no woman, no family, no kids, not even a pet to give a fuck about – no reason to bother.

I leave town and walk out into the bush tomorrow.

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I’m completely homeless tomorrow at 10am.

And gone from your life forever.

Fitbit sees the error of its ways.

All I’ve done is what I usually do, but fitbit has finally realized that a force of nature like myself is too exceptional to be anything but exceptionally fit.

Daily stats – 1 Jan 2018

Tells me I’m over at hour late getting to bed. 


You’ve earnt your first Sneakers Badge!



Redwood Forest Badge!

You’ve earnt your first Redwood Forest Badge!


Shove this bitch.

Even with all the drugs, slothing around and bad food, I’m only 1/8 inch short of “Excellent” cardio health. 

Boat shoe Badge!

You’ve earnt your Boat Shoe Badge!


I bought a watch today

Mmm.. it’s a pretty sexy watch.

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Tonight’s dinner in its entirety

That’s right – the whole 1kg 6-pack and no bullshit filler. Third night in a row I’ve eaten nothing but meet and I’m not even close to stick of it yet. Probably something to do with the gross lack of nutritional intake of iron. I’ll wait until it hits room temperature to cook it. Later […]



Just an apology really

(UPDATED) Haven’t been to work in 2 days.

Things are brought to a head in the most dramatic way I could come up with, because $20/hour is not enough to have to listen to toxicity ooze out an arsehole for almost 4 hours each morning.

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Mooses’ first shower

He just up-and walks to the bathroom, then climbs into the shower while it was running and stands there a good 20 minutes before I even go in.

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Outing #41: Back to civilization

New sunglasses, a newly cleaned campsite and a new woman telling me to hurry-up and end the camping silliness and return to her.

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