The Rainforest Journals

Outing #43: Back to the bush

Thanks to the women at the pharmacy, I’ve got a tin of shortbread biscuits to stop me eating moths for tonight – maybe 🙂

And thank you Michele – best ex I’ve ever had x

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The Rainforest Revisited

Finally realizing the woman I’ve loved for years doesn’t love me back, there’s no longer a reason to be in town wasting energy working just to put a shitty roof over my head that never feels like home anyway.

The Jamison Valley feels more like home than anywhere in town I’ve stayed since I came to the mountains.

And that’s the starting-point for volume two: there’s nothing to keep me here grinding my days away for cash; there’s no woman, no family, no kids, not even a pet to give a fuck about – no reason to bother.

I leave town and walk out into the bush tomorrow.

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Outing #41: Back to civilization

New sunglasses, a newly cleaned campsite and a new woman telling me to hurry-up and end the camping silliness and return to her.

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Flashback: The first campsite

Though I’ve started this week’s journal entry, that’ll take a few days on-and-off before it’s done and posted, but I often find myself flicking through some of the photos I’ve taken and here’s one I haven’t posted.

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Outing #40: Guido, Bro, seriously

Guido Possum demonstrates how little concern he has for large, whumping aircraft with flashing lights.

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Outing #40: YOU THERE! WOMBAT!

A mystery visitor sneaking about outside the tent at midnight turns out to be another rarely spotted Marsupial.

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Outing #40: Happenings about town

With all the animals doing a whole bunch of fuck all lately, I’ll just write a recap of town this week – in bullet-point format – with a list of unimportant though actual events 🙂

Outing #39 Shuddup and lick, skunk-apes!

Almost completely fictitious post I imagined-up out of pure boredom; the animals weren’t doing anything new, meh ..whatever.

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Outing #39: You there! Koala Bear!

Loud, random belching noises from very near the tent every night finally conclude, in what I’m told is a very rare sighting down there now: a genuine wild Koala Bear.

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Outing #39: The Confident Currawong

Broeski’s back around the tent, making going for water difficult, and a Currawong who likes to FLIRT with DEATH.

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Outing #39: The “Wet Season” is here

Brown rainwater is better than no water.

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Outing #39: If a tree falls in the woods..

As usual the Possums are happy to see me back, and the wet brings down a monster tree.

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Outing #38: The Reptile Returns

That sexy lizard is back, and I ruminate about the deep love I have for my smart-phone.

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Outing #38: All that and more!

Featured image: A nice, clear macro of a nervous Bobbi. Taken while we had our half-hour bread'n'pat session the other night.

Spring has sprung, and horny animals can be heard all over the place making very weird noises all night long.

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Outing #37: Rain all day, Possums all night

Guido is becoming a proper adult man-possum, Marsupial Mice around the tent and string has sprung!

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